‘The Harder They Fall’ Review – Idris Elba & Jonathan Majors Stun In This Complex Black Western

The Harder They Fall premieres in theaters October 22 & on Netflix November 3.

First of all, let me brag on myself. I attended a virtual movie premiere! I didn’t have any popcorn or hotdogs or nachos or any of that movie food because a girl is poor. BUT there was a DJ and I saw Kelly Rowland, Regina King, Tina Knowles & Jay-Z on the red carpet! There was beautiful melanin everywhere! Now let’s get into the movie ‘The Harder They Fall’. Watch the vid if you don’t have the time to read!

‘The Harder They Fall’ is a black western movie directed by Jeymes Samuel. Jeymes has also directed ‘They Die By Dawn’ and the short film ‘Jay-Z: Legacy”. He purposefully set out to create a western film that didn’t have black people in the worst and lowest positions. You know, as the dinky sidekick or the bag boy or the prop that gets killed. We got to see black cowboys and cowgirls. It was amazing. The melanin was MELANIN-ING. They caught all of it on camera, okay! They didn’t have them looking washed out or gray. I was in love with all of the shades and the colors of the clothing stood out as well. You know most western movies are brown. Just brown everywhere. Brown dirt, brown buildings, brown clothes. Absolutely terrible. ‘The Harder They Fall’ gave us reds, blues, yellows, white, and yes, some brown. It was absolutely awesome.

Jonathan Majors and Idris Elba gave me exactly what I wanted! Idris brought his character Rufus Buck to life. He made me feel for and understand the complicated and tortured villain. Jonathan’s character Nat Love wasn’t as complicated but just as tortured. I can’t lie, Jonathan’s smile was enough to make me continue to watch. He consistently gives great performances.

The movie style reminded me a lot of Quentin Tarantino (‘Django Unchained’) and James McTeigue (‘Ninja Assassin’). It’s a western so of course there was shooting a with that shooting comes blood. Sometimes, it was very, very cartoony. In the same style as ‘Django’ and ‘Ninja Assassin’. It was bright red and drew the eye. One thing that I liked was that even with the cartoony blood, it wasn’t gruesome. We didn’t get heads lopped off and arms blown off like a Michael Bay film. I’m always good with leaving it up to the imagination so I could have done with less but I know someone will like it.

If you want to know what I didn’t enjoy about the film, feel free to watch ‘The Harder They Fall’ review above. Follow The Lazy Girl World on Youtube for more reviews and subscribe to the blog! After you watch the movie, answer the question “What is your favorite quote from ‘The Harder They Fall’? I tell you mine at the end of the review!

‘The Harder They Fall’ premieres in theaters on October 22nd and on Netflix on November 3rd!


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